Editing alignments

The Alignment editor works much like a word processor.  The caret (the blinking vertical line) indicates the insertion point in the sequence.

To insert or delete characters in an alignment:

  • Position the caret at the desired insertion point.  The caret is positioned by clicking the mouse on the insertion, or by using the keyboard's arrow keys.
  • Type the desired characters on the keyboard.

To insert or delete blocks of characters:

  • Use the mouse to select (highlight) characters in one or more sequences.
  • Use the keyboard to delete the selected block of characters, or to insert a new character. Note: the new character typed will replace any selected characters.

Dragging sequences:
When the drag mode button in the tool bar is pressed, gaps can be inserted or removed in a sequence by clicking the mouse on the sequence and dragging the sequence by moving the mouse with the left button held down.

Sequence protection:
To prevent accidental alteration of the alignment, sequences can be protected, or locked.  Locked sequences have a closed red padlock symbol next to the sequence name.  Unlocked sequences have a open green padlock symbol.  To lock or unlock a sequence:

  • Select the Sequence menu
  • Select the Protections menu item
    • Select Allow all edits to enable editing on all sequences
    • Select No edits to disable editing on all sequences
    • Select Allow individual protections to set protections on individual sequences.  When this menu item is selected, clicking on the padlock icon next to the sequence name toggles protection.

Only sequence characters are permitted.  Other characters will be ignored.