Using the File list

GeneStudio's File list provides Windows shell functions from within GeneStudio allowing you to import sequence files using drag-and-drop to GeneStudio components.

To display the File list: The File list can be hidden to create more work space for the component window.  To toggle the File list, click on the File list button in the main toolbar.  The File list can also be hidden by clicking the Close icon on the upper right corner of the File list.

To import sequences from the File list:

  • Navigate to the desired folder.
  • Drag and drop files from the File list to the component window or double click on the file name.

Selecting multiple sequences: More than one sequence can be opened at once by selecting multiple files.  Multiple file selection works in the same way as it does in the Windows file manager.

  • To select a range of sequences, click on the first sequence in the range, then hold shift key down and click on the last sequence in the range.  All the sequences between the first and last sequence will be highlighted.
  • To select non-adjacent sequences hold down the Ctrl key and click on each sequence to be opened.

The File list toolbar:
The File list has its own toolbar providing functions for folder navigation and file manipulation.  From left to right, the file list buttons are:

  • Up level:
    Go up one level in the folder hierarchy.
  • Import folder:
    Go to the default Import folder.  The Import folder is set in the Global options dialog box.
  • Export folder:
    Go to the default Export folder.  The Export folder is set in the Global options dialog box.
  • Browse:
    Select a new folder using the Browse for folder dialog box.
  • New folder:
    Create a new folder.
  • Delete file:
    Delete the selected items.
  • Cut file:
    Cut the selected items.
  • Copy file:
    Put the selected items on the Windows clipboard.
  • Paste file:
    Put the contents of the Windows clipboard into the current folder.
  • File properties:
    Display the Windows file properties dialog box.