Using the SeqVerter file viewer

The File viewer is used to display, copy, save and print source sequence files.  The File viewer's built-in Internet browser also displays hyperlinks to GenBank and Pubmed entries when displaying GenBank files.  Hyperlinks are created by parsing the PID, NID or GI fields, or the PUBMED or MEDLINE fields in the GenBank file.

To view the source file for a sequence:

  • Open the sequence in SeqVerter.
  • Select the sequence by clicking on the sequence name in the Sequence Selection List.
  • Activate the File viewer by clicking on the File viewer tab in the Viewers Pane.

File viewer toolbar buttons

File commands:

  • Copy: Copy selection to the clipboard.
  • Save: Save contents of File viewer to an HTML file.
  • Print: Send contents of File viewer to the printer.
  • Print preview: Preview File viewer printing.

Browser commands:

  • Refresh: Reload the current page.
  • Home: Return to the source file view.
  • Back: Return to the previous page.
  • Forward: Go to the next page.
  • Stop: Stop loading the current page.