Viewing and printing trace files

GeneStudio's Trace viewer provides a flexible tool for viewing and printing automatic sequencer trace files.  The Trace viewer is available in the SeqVerter and Contig editor components.

To view a trace file in SeqVerter:

  • Open the sequence file in SeqVerter.
  • Click on the sequence file name to highlight it.
  • Select the Trace tab in the Viewers pane.

Trace viewer screen

Scroll bar: The trace viewer scroll bar is customized to show colored bars representing all of the trace peaks.  The scroll bar thumb can be dragged to pan the trace to the left or right.  The edges of the scroll bar thumb can be dragged to set the horizontal scale of the trace.

Slider control: A slider control on the left side of the window is used to set the vertical scale of the trace.

Toolbar: The trace viewer toolbar has three buttons:

  • Print - Send the trace to the printer.
  • Print preview - View the trace in the print preview window.
  • Trace information - View the trace file header information.