Exporting to single sequence files

SeqVerter allows you to split sequences from multiple sequence files shown in the Sequence selection list into new, single sequence files.

To export sequences to single sequence files:

  • After loading a multiple sequence file, select sequences for export by clicking the checkbox next to the sequence name, or press Select all to export all open sequences.
  • Press the toolbar Split button.  The Export single sequences dialog box will be displayed.
  • Use the options in the File name options group to determine how the exported files will be named:
    • Choose Use locus if you want to use the locus name for the file name.
    • Choose Use accession number if you want to use the accession number for the file name (if available).
    • Choose Prompt for each if you want to manually enter a name for each file.
  • Use the File format list to select a format for the exported files.
  • Use the OS Target list to select the operating system you plan to use the file on.  The supported OS formats are PC, UNIX (and Linux), and Macintosh.
  • Use the Export folder field to enter the location for the exported files.  You may also use the browse button next to the Export folder field to select the path.
  • Press OK to export the sequences.  A summary of the split operation will be displayed in the Exports results dialog box will be displayed.

Note: If you are exporting automatic sequencer files, the Trace data processing dialog box will be displayed.  See Exporting automatic sequencer trace files for more information.
For more information on formats, please read the 'Sequence file format notes'