GeneStudio workspace

Managing the workspace

The GeneStudio window has four main elements: the Component window, the Viewers window, the File list, and the Component list.
  • The Component window contains the primary work area for the component.  For SeqVerter the Component window is the Sequence Selection List.  In the Alignment and Contig editors, it is the Editor window.
  • The Viewers window contains a tabbed view of data relevant to the Component window Viewers provide formatted views of the sequence data.
  • The File list is a fully functional windows shell.  Sequence files can be imported into any GeneStudio component using drag-and-drop from the file list to the Component window.
  • The Component list contains icons for each GeneStudio component.  Clicking on a icon activates the component.
  • The placement of screen elements can be changed by clicking and dragging the splitter bar between each element.
  • The Component window workspace can be maximized by hiding other screen elements.  To show or hide the File list window, the Viewers window or the Component list, select the relevant command from the View menu.  The File list window and the Viewers window can also be toggled using buttons on the main toolbar.